Version 2.2.0 with Social Networking and Ravelry support is out!

Now available from the iTunes App Store is the latest version of the Knit and Crochet Counter app!

This new version contains a whole bunch of new features including:

  • Facebook and Twitter posting support — Share your counters and comments on social media sites.
  • Ravelry support — Link your counter to a Ravelry project and then upload photos and post notes to Ravelry from the app.
  • AirDrop — Send your counters from one iOS device to another nearby iOS device.
  • Improved accessibility (VoiceOver) — Many of the voice prompts for screen elements were improved.
  • Counter limit increased — All counters may now go up to 9,999.
  • Save background photo to Camera Roll.
  • Improved support for repeating counters for those who start their counters at 0.

Download the new version and give it a try!