Version 1.3.0 released with iOS 9 features!

Now available in the App Store, Knit and Crochet Counter version 1.3.0 includes fantastic new support for iOS 9 features (on compatible devices) including:

  • iPad multitasking
  • 3D Touch support
  • Search integration

In addition, there’s the ability to use the “Total Rows Done” counter when you’re not using a repeating counter, and there were some bug fixes related to background photo support.

Download the update today!

Updated features coming in 1.2.0

Now that 1.1.0 is released (whoops, I did forget to announce that!), we’re busy working on 1.2.0 including:

  • Repeating counter ranges
  • Pop-up alert (when at the end of a range) plus vibration on iPhones
  • Setting 0 or 1 as the first row of your counter by default
  • Updated release notes and help display

The repeating counter ranges allow you to define a range of pattern rows that the app will automatically repeat for you. If, for example, your pattern calls for you to do pattern rows 6 – 12 five times, you can tell the app to repeat rows 6 through 12. Each time you increment the counter on row 12, the app will automatically reset back to row 6 and will also increment a newly displayed “Repeats Done” counter. There’s also a “Total Rows Done” counter that shows how many rows you’ve completed, even over multiple repeats.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 17, 2015, 3.07.43 PMThe new help files are really nice. They are a great improvement over the plain text versions we previously had. Take a look at the sample on the right.

Now the text is augmented by actual screen content so that it’s easier to see the instructions in context.


Look for version 1.2.0 to be released this October!